About Us

Fernstory is a family business with huge potential and the experience of the owners and designers - Anna and her husband - with the production and distribution of Fashion Natural products was gathered for a decade already. That allowed them to get to know clients' needs better.

On the other hand, the designer used the brands' name to bring attention to its polish originality. Fernstory refers to an ancient fairy tale, as well as inspired by it eco-friendly printings on the T-shirts. However, this natural cotton clothing has more of an international character. The organic material used to their production comes from Turkey and the production itself takes place within the United Kingdom borders.

In Fernstory we are concentrated on production of eco friendly t-shirts made in UK. In production of our t-shirts we are using only organic cotton, certificated organic cotton only. On every request we will show certificate for our cotton.
Cotton which we use in production process comes from producer from Turkey and here in UK this organic cotton will became eco t-shirt, brand Fernstory.
So, now let us go a bit deeper and we let you know about organic cotton production.

Organic cotton

This type of material is commonly used to manufacture eco friendly shirts and t-shirts.
To grow this type of cotton no insecticides, no herbicides and no pesticides are used, that way this cotton we call 100% organic.
After that the processes of bleaching, dyeing and other manufacturing processes are done without any type of chemicals.
Organic cotton on every level of production is known for zero amount use of chemicals.
Due to this kind of production the organic cotton is more expensive than regular cotton.


organic cotton t-shirt uk 


Reason to buy eco t-shirts

Eco friendly t-shirts and shirts are a bit more expensive than normal ones but if you decide to buy this kind of shirt you can be proud that you are active to save climate and environment.
Whenever you decide to purchase any eco friendly shirt you should first check whether it is manufactured from organic cotton.
Here in Fernstory we will always show you our organic cotton certificate.

At this moment we would like to invite you to our online shop Fernstory to show you our eco t-shirts made from organic cotton in UK.