About Us

Fernstory is a family business with huge potential and the experience of the owners and designers - Anna and her husband - with the production and distribution of Fashion Natural products was gathered for a decade already. That allowed them to get to know clients' needs better.

On the other hand, the designer used the brands' name to bring attention to its polish originality. Fernstory refers to an ancient fairy tale, as well as inspired by it eco-friendly printings on the T-shirts. However, this natural cotton clothing has more of an international character. The organic material used to their production comes from Turkey and the production itself takes place within the United Kingdom borders.

In Fernstory we are concentrated on production of eco friendly t-shirts made in UK. In production of our t-shirts we are using only organic cotton, certificated organic cotton only. On every request we will show certificate for our cotton.
Cotton which we use in production process comes from producer from Turkey and here in UK this organic cotton will became eco t-shirt, brand Fernstory.
So, now let us go a bit deeper and we let you know about organic cotton production.

Organic cotton

This type of material is commonly used to manufacture eco friendly shirts and t-shirts.
To grow this type of cotton no insecticides, no herbicides and no pesticides are used, that way this cotton we call 100% organic.
After that the processes of bleaching, dyeing and other manufacturing processes are done without any type of chemicals.
Organic cotton on every level of production is known for zero amount use of chemicals.
Due to this kind of production the organic cotton is more expensive than regular cotton.

In Fernstory we are using only organic cotton, and we respect rules for sustainable fashion.
It is possible that not everyone knows what mean "sustainable fashion"and in this place would like to make you a bit closer to organic clothes and sustainable fashion.


Sustainable fashion UK

What is sustainable fashion

Term Sustainable fashion refers to clothes that are created in environmentally friendly way, from the beginning till they come to customers and including designing, manufacturing, and distributing cycles.

Suitable fashion also mean that clothes are made by organic materials and components using. Term suitable fashion refers to clothes being made in ways that respect and value workers' rights, and social welfare.

Environmentalism and socially fair practices should walk together and  connect sustainable and ethical fashion tied together.

Sustainable fashion is also called eco fashion because it is a process of changing fashion products, and the system towards ecological and social justice. Sustainable fashion is addressing the whole system of fashion including social, ecological, cultural, and financial.

What you should know if you want support sustainable fashion?

  • Materials.

Can use only natural and organic materials like hemp, linen, silk, wool, leather, organic cotton and bamboo. Natural fibres are biodegradable and can be a clean compost back into the soil that's why only these materials can use.

The most sustainable materials are linen, hemp, and organic cotton.

To make you sure that cotton, hemp and linen are organic they should have organic certificates for plant based fibres like certificate GOTS,

Another kind of materials we can use in the process of Sustainable fashion is using pre-existing materials to create new pieces of clothing simply because it doesn’t require taking new resources from the soil.

Fabrics made of recycled fibres like recycled nylon, recycled polyester, recycled cotton should have this information for manufactures which will use them to production new clothes.

  • Dyes

Another issue in manufacturing clothes are dyes used in the production of materials or new clothes.

While you buy clothes always consider the environmental impact of the dyes. Many of them involve use of toxic chemicals.

Eco-friendly dyes require less water and are based on natural plant.

  • Cutting out patterns

Fashion industry is wasting a lot of materials mainly while cutting out patterns, but there are sustainable brands that design patterns and arrange cutting with no waste of anything. Small pieces of material they have from cutting process they are using for another extra added manufacturing.

  • Water

Other big part of waste from clothes production is water. Some brands in planned way try to minimize the amount of water and energy used in the manufacturing process.

  • Packaging

Every year more companies reduce excessive plastic packaging when transporting from the manufacturer to warehouses, and finally to the customer by using recycled or biodegradable shipping materials.


Sustainable fashion - Summary

Manufacturing process to make new clothes with all the dyeing, sewing, and shipping is leaving behind high carbon footprint.

To change this situation some brands are making clothing closer to the places where they will be sold, rather than shipping from overseas or far parts of the own country.

Some another brands and the manufactures are installing solar panels and wind turbines to provide renewable power for their factories. 

We consumers also should try to be more sustainable and instead of buying cheap clothing that will be thrown away quickly, we should try to buy clothes made with rules for sustainable fashion and clothes of higher quality they will last you for longer.

In present time sustainable fashion should be every manufacturer and customers prioritize as it helps the natural environment and us all protect.

All of us should support local companies that source material from our region and in active way they promote for sustainable fashion.



organic cotton t-shirt uk 


Reason to buy eco t-shirts

Eco friendly t-shirts and shirts are a bit more expensive than normal ones but if you decide to buy this kind of shirt you can be proud that you are active to save climate and environment.
Whenever you decide to purchase any eco friendly shirt you should first check whether it is manufactured from organic cotton.
Here in Fernstory we will always show you our organic cotton certificate.

At this moment we would like to invite you to our online shop Fernstory to show you our eco t-shirts made from organic cotton in the UK.