Sustainable fashion. What mean the term sustainable fashion

Still are people who are not fully sure what mean the term sustainable fashion.
So, the term sustainable fashion refers to clothes that are created in environmentally friendly way.
From the designing, manufacturing, and distributing these clothes must be created with respect to natural environment and rights of workers.
Workers rights are the same valuable as caring about natural environment.
Environmentalism and socially fair practices are connected to give sustainable and ethical fashion.

Sustainable fashion is a process in which changing fashion products, and the system of production towards ecological and social justice.

Sustainable fashion is also called eco fashion and year by year is more popular and get more customers to shops with sustainable fashion. Mostly that kind of shops work online.

If you also want to support sustainable fashion you should know what you have to look for


The production is based on natural and organic materials like hemp, linen, silk, wool, leather, and cellulose fibres are generally preferable over synthetics. Natural fibres are biodegradable.
The most popular sustainable materials are organic cotton, linen and hemp.
If you want to be sure about natural roots for materials you should keep an eye out for organic certificates for plant based fibres like GOTS, and ZQl.

Sustainable fashion also use pre-existing materials to create new pieces of clothing simply because it doesn’t require taking new resources from natural environment.


Another important issue in manufacturing eco clothes are dyes used in the production process. Many of dyes involve use of toxic chemicals but producer of sustainable fashion don't use that kind of dyes.

Producers of eco fashion are using eco-friendly dyes like natural plant based dyes or digital printing that requires less water.


Fashion industry is wasting a lot of materials from cutting out patterns, but there are sustainable brands that design patterns with no waste of materials.


Other kind of waste in clothing manufacture is water. Brands working on sustainable fashion market try to minimize the amount of water and energy used in the manufacturing process.


Companies working in sustainable fashion sector reduce plastic packaging and using recycled or biodegradable materials.


Producers of sustainable fashion care about rules for organic materials and eco-friendly materials. They are using natural dyes, reduce waste from production and reduce water using.
If the situation let them, they are using renewable power for their factories and offices.
Producers of sustainable fashion know that their production is leaving behind high carbon footprint and to reduce this carbon footprint some brands are making clothing closer to where it will be sold.

We, consumers should pay more attention to products of sustainable fashion and buy them. By buying higher quality clothing we will use that clothes for longer time what means that less old clothes will lay on the landfills.

Sustainable fashion should be priority for producers and for customers.
This way of thinking will helps the environment and help all of us.

Sustainable fashion