Organic Cotton PPE Mask made by Fernstory

Probably most of us know all necessary information about protecting ourselves against Covid-19.
Perhaps some people find it boring to remind them of the basic principles of self-protection against Covid-19, but we in Fernstory are thinking that this is never too much.
Remember to wash your hands very often, keep social distance in every place. In every shop and public transportation put on your face PPE mask to protect yourself and other people.
Since March of this year the Fernstory joined the campaign of sewing masks and their distribution.
We currently offer elegant PPE masks made of organic cotton in black or white colour with our Fernstory logo.

As a company that focuses primarily on the ecological aspect of clothing, we promote eco masks, i.e. those that not only protect our mouth and respiratory tract against the penetration of viruses, but are also made of organic materials. As you know organic cotton have anti-allergic properties and that's why we recommend Fernstory eco PPE mask.
On the occasion of the subject of PPE masks, we would like to remind you that mask is the best protection for everyone against Covid-19.
Masks from our manufacture are effective, properly made of organic cotton, ecological and elegant.
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