Organic cotton and sustainable fashion

From a few years, so often we can hear a word organic cotton, organic cotton and etc. etc … but what it means and what's so special about it? How does it differ between cotton and organic cotton.
We will try to answer these question easily.

We are so absorbed in everyday life that simply we not pay attention what kind of clothes we buy. Important is only design and fashion but no time for such considerations. It's a pity, because we not see that production of cotton can be eco-friendly or conventional, and it is very important for our world, for the planet.
What we see in the networks selling clothing, in the majority of clothing stores is clothing made of conventional cotton.

Production of conventional cotton stay far from ecology, for this kind of production important is only cost of production and final profit.
Most of the people want to change their clothes often but would like to spend less money as possible, but it is impossible if the same time we wait eco-friendly cotton productions and good treating the workers on cotton farms.
Every customer should know that organic cotton and sustainable fashion can not be the same cheap as conventional cotton and clothes with label 100% cotton.

We customers should know that cotton is very susceptible to pest attack and to protect cotton farm their owner need to use a huge amount of chemical pesticides. Imagine the scale. How big scale is it? It is 25% of the world's need for insecticides and over 10% of all pesticides used in the world.
So big scale of pesticide using make the cotton to be cheap but from other hand many people involved with cotton production have problem with health, and they are working with small salary.
What about the people who work at many sewing factories? People receive small wages for their hard.
Many world-famous clothes companies moved their main production to poor countries where workers agree to work for small money to let their families survive.
These topics are not adequately publicized because we western peoples would like to buy more clothes, fashionable but very cheap clothes.
Buying new t-shirts, sweatshirts and etc we don't think about how much suffering is hidden behind the shirt we wear.

In XXI century some companies start sending organic cotton and organic cotton clothes on the market. Year by year the number of organic cotton is growing up on the market. Big brands opens line of organic cotton clothes and sustainable fashion. The same time growing up on the market the new small manufactures which are concentrated on sustainable fashion, and they are promoting organic cotton.

Before you go shopping to find new clothes we would like to explain to you what is the difference between clothes made of organic cotton and that made of conventional cotton.

First of all the organic cotton is grown using natural methods, pest control does not use chemicals, but natural plant protection products.
The fertilizer which help cotton to growing up it is nothing else than manure, and weeds growing around cotton are chaffed by hand.
This kind of cotton production need more peoples to work, more time to get final product and that's why need to be expensive.

The Positive element is that it gives farmers a job and give benefits to everyone, workers, the environment and you because you dress healthily. Organic cotton clothes are free from some substances considered dangerous and that clothing is great for children and allergy sufferers.

Now you know why sustainable fashion is a little expensiver than conventional and where is there a profit for you, for every consumer and for the Planet.