From Humble Beginnings to Fashionable T-Shirt

The t-shirt as we know it today came from humble origins. At first the t-shirt was an undergarment for soldiers who go on World War II. Later veterans who returning from World War II wore it to every work if weather let to do it. 

Today, you can find white or coloured t-shirts as ordinary clothes for everyone everywhere.
T-shirts can be use from the traditional undergarment to part of a high fashion ensemble, sometime t-shirts can be a medium of protest or a part of product advertisement campaign.
The t-shirt has come a long way from wartime when was a part of the soldier equipment till now when he is the most functional part of men's wardrobe, for worker and for artist, for young and for old persons, for men and for women.
For all that years the original t-shirt was made from the same material, from cotton. In XXI century traditional cotton more and more often gives place for organic cotton. People start see the profit from using organic cotton and that's why organic cotton starts be more popular for t-shirts productions.

The Versatility of the T-shirt

The t-shirt is probably one of the most versatile clothing designs ever made in human history. You can wear t-shirt as an undergarment or you can wear it smart casual over pants (jeans).
You can pair t-shirt with even a suit's jacket or you can grab any one of your favourite full-coloured printed t-shirts and wear it solo and always you will look just fine and young.
There is no place that t-shirt is out of place. Just only need to choose right colour of the t-shirt for occasion.
You need only match the design and colour with the surroundings and your t-shirt will on the right place.
This is why we can see t-shirts just about anywhere, from construction sites to corporate boardrooms.

Printed T-Shirts

A popular activity involves with t-shirts is printing different statements on it.
Some t-shirt are used as advertising for products with printed slogans for products.
Printed words or sentences can range from the funny to the serious. This design activity turns full-coloured printed t-shirts into something like a wearable billboard, where you are displaying something you want to state without having to say.
In present time the t-shirt can be a fashion icon or a part of protest movements. A t-shirt with a slogan is something cool.
People do not often read all words on placards, but they read t-shirts. If your slogan from your t-shirt is catchy enough, people will go to buy the same t-shirt a lot and wear them to spreading your message.

T-Shirt as Medium for Advertising

T-shirt can be a medium of personal expression from his owner but corporations and organizations know that t-shirt can act as a walking advertising. 

As private person you can fill own t-shirt with the catchphrase and walk where there are people and this way send your message to more people quickly.
Corporations and organizations often use t-shirts to advertise themselves. Workers usually receive a t-shirt that has the company or institutional logo and this way make free advertising and popularity for the company where they are working.
Companies mostly use plain white or full-coloured printed t-shirts depending on the character of what is being represented and promoted by the apparel.
In Fernstory we also use our t-shirt to promotions, but we promote style of life, organic style of life because eco-friendly style of life is our mission.
Using our white or black printed organic cotton t-shirts you also can be a part of world's eco wave.

Universal character of t-shirts

The universal character of t-shirt ensure that the t-shirt remains so often used piece of wardrobe more than seven decades and always stay fashionable.

Whether as a plain white t-shirt or a printed t-shirt with important catchphrase to say, this single piece of t-shaped apparel still stay the most popular part of human wardrobe.
If you also are user of t-shirt we would like you to choose t-shirts made of organic cotton because organic products are human future. 


 organic cotton t-shirt by Fernstory