Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

Eco food, eco clothing, eco cosmetics and even newspapers and books published on ecological paper are the signs of our time. Ecological lifestyle and organic products from year to year are getting more and more enthusiasts.
In many stores we have now a choice and on the shelves next to the usual items there are the ecological ones made from eco crops or eco production.
In turn, on online platforms we visit more and more stores specialized in the sale of organic food and clothing made from organic cotton.
Both cases, food and clothing are certified and already at the farms are monitored to ensure the authenticity of the eco certificate.
In present time in more and more stores you can find food from bio-crops with the Fair Trade mark.
This term means and confirm true fair trade.
By buying a product with such a sign, we can be sure that the product is organic, and that people who contributed to its production did not work in slave conditions.
From year to year, we British are more and more eager to buy products labeled "Fair Trade".

Recently, clothes made of special raw materials and in conditions that did not violate human rights are very fashionable.
As a result of organic production on the labels of some shirts and other clothing you can see the inscription "100% organic cotton". Before this new trend, we only saw the inscription "100 Cotton".
The so-called "organic cotton" is a product increasingly sought after by small manufactures and by clothing giants. Due to such interest, the production of organic cotton grows annually at an amazing rate.
World cotton production in the 2019/2020 season is forecast at 125.3 million bales, i.e. 5% more than in the previous year and the second largest crop at a record level in relation to 127.2 million bales in 2011.

Not only giants are part of eco clothing production, but small family businesses are joining more and more often.
Our company Fernstory from Stone in Staffordshire is also a part of the eco trend. We focus on the design and production of organic cotton clothes. Our offer start from organic cotton t-shirts, organic cotton polo for men, and soon we will include other types of clothing for women and men sewn exclusively with organic cotton. Limit for us is only our imagination and stock of organic cotton in our manufacture magazine.
The distinguishing feature of our products is not only the use of 100% organic cotton for production, but also other elements of our clothing are eco friendly. For example colour dye we are using is eco friendly and have water as own background.
We want to promote the conscious use of eco friendly clothes made of organic cotton.
This is our little brick, a contribution to the fight against global warming and to the fight for respect for the work of every human being.

Environmental protection has for years been a permanent element of the activities of an increasing number of companies from more and more numerous industries and let it stay that way. Fernstory productions and products are in this exactly in this new world famous trend. 

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